• Mr. Kranich has been very committed and professional towards my concerns and has given me comprehensive advice. Also, I got the appointment in a very short time. I received our conversation report and Mr. Kranich's recommendation on the matter the very same evening by email, and the next morning in the post! What can I say: excellent! I can only recommend Mr Kranich!

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  • Mr. Kranich has been taking on my case with much more commitment than was to be expected. He was always accessible and has brought the issue to a good ending with composure and competence.

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  • I can only thank Mr Kranich for his outstanding support and can recommend his practice without restriction.

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  • Attorney Mr Kranich is competent in what he does, he is flexible and always on schedule! A very good lawyer that I can only recommend!

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Your Lawyer for Tennancy Law and Housing Law
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Tenancy and Housing Law

Whether as long-term investment, speculative investment property or long-sought center of life: the acquisition, leasing and management of real estate is not without hurdles: Relevant laws and regulations are often unmanageable, and contracts are difficult to understand. As a specialized lawyer I reliably advise you in all matters relating rent and rentals - and loyally represent you in disputes. My foremost concern is the protection of your financial security.

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Commonhold Law

Becoming part of a community of owners is a binding decision - that often lasts longer than expected. It binds the owner to the bank, the community and the caretaker. And sometimes it leaves preciously little of the freedom expected. This is especially true if damage occurs: What can the owners do on their own? Where and how is the owner responsible to the community? With broad experience, I can support you in answering all these questions - and more.

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Building Law

Heating, fire protection, basements or electrical installations: in every profession mistakes can be made. The number of reported cases of structural damage has quadrupled over the last ten years - and they can often be blamed on poor workmanship, faulty planning or lack of consistency. If damage has occurred it's important to act swiftly, because follow-up defects are getting more expensive with time. As a specialized lawyer I will be able help you identify damage efficiently, and take the necessary steps to eliminate it.

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Your trust comes before any provision of legal services.
As an attorney I work hard to justify that trust and this, to me, is both: obligation and motivation.

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