Tenancy law and residential property law

Tenancy Law

A property can serve many things: secure and permanent investment, speculative investment property, permanent marketplace, short-term accommodation or the long-awaited center of life. There is a lot to regulate. The laws and judgments are unmanageable. The contracts are difficult to understand. As a specialist tenancy law attorney, I confidently advise you on all questions relating to acquisition, leasing and administration. I represent you in disputes and always have one thing in mind: your financial concerns.

In tenancy law we can help you with …

  • questions regarding residential and commercial tenancy law,
  • contract formulation and reviews,
  • questions in the event of dismissals,
  • questions regarding modernizations,
  • heat supply contracts,
  • questions regarding pipe heating, VDI 2077,
  • … and much more.

Residential Property Law

Anyone who wants to become a member of a homeowners association is committed. Often longer than expected. Towards the bank, the community and the administrator. Sometimes there is little left of the owner’s desired freedom. If the building is damaged, it becomes expensive. The roof and underground car park are often affected. It is important to clarify here: What can the owner do on his own? Where and how does the community bind him? I am at your disposal if you have any questions.

We advise you with, among others::

  • Declaration of division,
  • Developer contracts,
  • Use of special and communal property,
  • Management of common property,
  • Appeal of resolutions,
  • Housing benefit problems.

How can we help you?

Tenancy Law

Lease Agreement | Termination | Modernization | Rent increase | Operating costs | Commercial space | Questions regarding your flat

Home ownership and Development law

Housing benefit | Owners meeting | WEG administrator | Special contribution | Challenge | Property developer

Construction Law

Construction contract | Defects | Compensation for damages | Liability | Collateral | Building authority

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