• I am thankful that you’ve been my lawyer, because aside from legal aspects you have encouraged me with your sensibility, your warmth, your empathy and your patience. And because you’ve always strived for a golden middle way. That will last with me as a precious experience! Thank you.
    Silvia S.
  • Mr. Kranich represented us for four years in a legal case against our construction firm, which has finally been decided on in our favour. Ourselves, we had given up already, but he never did! We’d like to thank him for his engagement, his patience and his always friendly and competent manner. We would recommend Mr. Kranich to anyone, without hesitation. A big compliment from us!
    T.S., Testimonial on anwalt.de
  • Mr. Kranich advised and represented us very well regarding a water damage which occurred during the construction period of our daycare center. Always responsive, with lots of useful tips and quick processing, we were able to close the case positively with his help. We have chosen Mr. Kranich as a lawyer for the second time, as we only had positive experiences in the first case.
    K.K., Testimonial on anwalt.de
  • Mr. Kranich has legally represented me with his expertise in a variety of legal issues. His openness for short-term questions is a real credit to him, as no valuable time elapses when acute action is needed. I especially want to emphasize his profound legal advice which makes complex situations easily understood by laymen. I had to deal with several lawyers already before I consulted Mr. Kranich for the first time, and I am very glad to finally have found “the right one”.
    G.B., Testimonial on anwalt.de
  • A very competent and committed lawyer, who openly approaches his clients and always takes enough time for their needs. His statements attest to high professionalism and excellent expertise. They are precisely formulated and put in a nutshell. Lawyer Kranich is almost always personally available, and always there for his clients with help and advice. We would use his services again and again.
    E.M., Testimonial on anwalt.de
  • Mr. Kranich has been very committed and professional towards my concerns and has given me comprehensive advice. Also, I got the appointment in a very short time. I received our conversation report and Mr. Kranich’s recommendation on the matter the very same evening by email, and the next morning in the post! What can I say: excellent! I can only recommend Mr Kranich!
    Client testimonial on anwalt.de
  • Mr. Kranich has been taking on my case with much more commitment than was to be expected. He was always accessible and has brought the issue to a good ending with composure and competence.
    Client testimonial on anwalt.de
  • I can only thank Mr Kranich for his outstanding support and can recommend his practice without restriction.
    Client testimonial on anwalt.de
  • Attorney Mr Kranich is competent in what he does, he is flexible and always on schedule! A very good lawyer that I can only recommend!
    Client testimonial on klicktel.de
  • Thank you very much for your support, your advice and your help in the legal dispute that we were now able to close. I very much appreciated your always being available and your thorough consideration in every step that was taken. Thank you, also, for your prudent and objective correspondence, your patience and the leeway you’ve always granted me. I am happy about the agreement we could achieve and to which everyone was able to contribute. For future questions I will certainly get back to you and will recommend your services with pleasure.
  • Mr. Kranich gave me very good advice for my legal issue regarding my rental contract. He responded very quickly to my questions which allowed me to deal with my landlord in a knowledgable way. He also recommended a very reasonable solution to my problem. I highly recommend Mr. Kranich!
  • Mr Kranich has represented us in a legal case which involved a deep and specialized knowledge, and convinced us with his expertise, reliability and quick communication. Although we do not ourselves live in Berlin, all communication was excellent and timely. We can recommend Mr Kranich without any hesitation.
    R.S., Testimonial on Google
  • I have only positive things to say about Mr Kranich. We scheduled a meeting over the phone, which worked great. At the meeting Mr Kranich took the time to explain to me what to do in great detail. After reviewing my documents he told me right away that I didn’t need to worry about my termination without notice. And after less than a week the entire case was off the table. If I ever need an attorney for housing law again, I would go for Mr Kranich.
    S.G., Testimonial on Google
  • I am a landlord and I can only speak of Mr Kranich with highest regard. What I like most about his service is his excellent reachability and his quickness. Thank you very much, and keep it up!
    T.S., Client testimonial on Google
  • Regarding a defect in our flat we needed professional help against our landlord. Mr Kranich gave us a good feeling right from the beginning. We felt taken seriously and were well supported throughout the entire process. Mr Kranich described to us comprehensively what he would suggest we should do and strictly pursued that plan so that our goal was reached qucikly. We are very positively convinced of Mr Kranich and gladly recommend his services without limitation.
    R.H., Testimonial on anwalt.de
  • Mr Kranich has given me his advice in a case of rent increase. He took care of my problem immediately and extensively. This lawyer does not quickly accept settlements. In my case, my landlord withdrew the lawsuit, thanks to the expertise and persistence of Mr Kranich. I can only recomment this lawyer!
    J.M., Testimonial on anwalt.de
  • A very good and recommendable lawyer. Great knowledge, and very precise and detailed in his communication. In a case of housing law I have been supported by Mr Kranich up to the pronouncement of judgement. I am entirely happy, more than happy even, and can only recommend Mr Kranich.
    M.A., Testimonial on anwalt.de
  • I received a termination of my rental contract due to ‘personal requirements’ and asked Attorney Mr Kranich for advice. From the first moment up to the final decision he has always been at our side, timely and with competent advice. For us, our easy connection to Mr Kranich was of special importance, because we live abroad. We gladly recommend his services and would always decide for Mr Kranich again.
    M.K., Client testimonial on anwalt.de
  • Attorney Mr Kranich has quickly, competently and successfully taken care of my legal case. If ever again a blizzard runs over my property and turns my house upside-down, I’ll sure contact him again.
    Client testimonial anwalt.de

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Your lawyers for tenancy law, residential property law,
construction law and real estate law in Berlin.

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Karsten Kranich

Lawyer for tenancy law and residential property law

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Before any legal service comes your trust. Justifying your trust with our work is both an obligation and an incentive for us.

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Tenancy law

A property can serve many things: secure and permanent housing or short-term accommodation, long-term capital investment or speculative investment property, a lively marketplace or quiet business. There is a lot to regulate. The laws and judgments are unmanageable. The contracts are difficult to understand. We advise you on all questions relating to the acquisition, rental and management.

In the area of tenancy law, we represent both tenants and landlords. We look at every contract and every issue individually and find a solution tailor-made for you. We help you drafting lease agreements which are impeccable in terms of form and content, and will assist you enforce your rights in the event of a conflict. We examine disputes regarding terminations, rent increases, the rent brake, the rent cap, defects and rent reductions.

Our experience has shown: Sometimes disputes are carried out with great emotionality before a lawyer is called in. That’s why in our position as a law firm it is important to us to handle each case with the necessary sensitivity, and attach great importance to handling disputes with the necessary seriousness and care at all times. This gives each matter the personal touch and emphasis it needs. The focus of our work is always on you as a person with your own story, your wishes and your concerns. We represent you competently, with integrity and with determination – and always pay attention to a cost-benefit ratio that is appropriate for you as a result. When we represent you in disputes, we always keep your legal and financial concerns in mind.

We can help you with …

  • Contract formulation and reviews,
  • Terminations,
  • Operating costs,
  • Cosmetic repairs,
  • Modernizations,
  • Damage from fire and water,
  • Heating contracts,
  • One-pipe heating and pipe heating,
  • Claim enforcement,
  • Overdue rents,
  • Defects in the rental property,
  • Heating failure,
  • Mold or sponge infestation,
  • Rent brake and rent cap
  • and much more.

Home Ownership Law

Whether in a community of two owners or in a community of several hundred owners: if disputes arise, they can be very diverse and profound. As an owner you can find yourself in many different constellations. As an apartment owner, you are at the same time the owner, neighbor, holder of voting rights and housing benefit debtor, you are also the owner of your apartment and co-owner of the house and property, you elect the manager and the administrative advisory board and you have to pay special levies. There are binding special regulations for everything that you have to consider.

At the same time, you rightly want to be perceived as the owner of your apartment, your independence and your decision-making authority should be expressed. We represent you, among other things, in disputes with neighbors, in contesting resolutions, in changes to the declaration of division, in planned conversions, in the enforcement of financial claims and much more.

We help you with all questions regarding …

  • the declaration of division,
  • developer contracts,
  • the use of special and communal property,
  • managing common property,
  • contesting resolutions,
  • housing benefit problems,
  • enforcement of rights,
  • and much more.

Property development law

When you buy an apartment you usually make a decision for life. But the road to happiness is often rocky. Property development law is complex and the cost of acquiring property is high. Serious discrepancies arise quickly during construction. From the time the contract is signed up to years after moving in, the purchaser is exposed to forces that exceed his own. Sometimes there is little left of the freedom once dreamed of. Now it’s important to understand what the owner can do on his own and where he should get legal support. Where and how does the community bind him? We advise and represent buyers and property developers on all questions relating to property development contracts. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In property development law, we can help you with …

  • Advice on the developer contract,
  • Advice on defects in the building and on liability for construction defects,
  • Advice on exercising warranty rights,
  • Support during the construction phase and legal representation in disputes,
  • Your enforcement,
  • and much more

Building and Architects Law

According to the insurance companies, the number of reported structural damage has more than quadrupled in the last ten years. The increased technical possibilities have increased the susceptibility to errors. Heating, fire protection, cellar or electrics.

Mistakes can be made in every trade. The fault is poor execution, incorrect planning or insufficient coordination. Experience shows that damage caused by defects becomes more and more expensive over the years. Here it is important to recognize the defects professionally as early as possible and to initiate the necessary steps to remedy the damage. Just give us a call.

Our services in Building and Architects Law:

  • Advice on building contracts, architect contracts and property developer contracts,
  • Advice on defects in the building and on liability for construction defects,
  • Advice on exercising warranty rights,
  • Enforcement of rights,
  • Representation in questions about building planning and regulatory law, monument protection, neighbor protection as well as nature and landscape protection,
  • Legal advice to building supervisory authorities on the admissibility of construction projects and the use of buildings,
  • and much more.

Real estate law

Real estate law encompasses numerous independent areas of law. This includes the neighboring law with all its facets from the common house wall to immissions disputes, land register law with the easements belonging to it, land charges, mortgages, public burdens or private management rights, the right to adapt the GDR law to weekend houses or residential houses, road development contribution right, lease rights or brokerage rights.

Disputes in this area require full legal expertise. They are usually protracted, and success often cannot be achieved in the short term. As a law firm we have successfully represented property owners from around Berlin on these special topics for years.

Our services in Real estate law:

  • Neighbor law (immissions, boundary walls, overgrowth, security, burdens and costs, etc.),
  • Land register law,
  • Easements, land charges, mortgages, public charges or private management rights,
  • Usufruct,
  • and much more

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Tenancy Law

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Home ownership and Development law

Housing benefit | Owners meeting | WEG administrator | Special contribution | Challenge | Property developer

Construction Law

Construction contract | Defects | Compensation for damages | Liability | Collateral | Building authority

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